Through our work together you will find the acceptance necessary to disarm old toxic patterns, stop relying on coping mechanisms, and activate your system to heal. My role is to keep the torch lit along the way to embracing yourself completely.


Our mission is to co-construct frames around what’s happening now. By exploring limitations, and expanding thresholds one deepens the loving relationship within oneself. In reaching past, and through: the confines of present comfort zones, coping mechanisms, bad habits, old patterns, negative core beliefs, and self-defeating behaviors, we thrive towards our highest potential, and honor our purpose. By letting go of all that isn’t serving, we open space for new life experiences, new expressions of love, and new possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. By establishing true trust we make a better, brighter and more beautiful inward and outward world.

the work

By exploring ourselves in new capacities and containers we learn new ways of being, and expand our experience from surviving to thriving, living an unlimited abundantly healthy life. Because you too are worthy of your wildest dreams!


I’m here as a soundboard, a mirror, a friend, and a place where you can safely express your feelings without shame or remorse. My intention is to help serve in the expansion and growth of all people. Having a solid intrapersonal connection to self-love, safety, and security are the golden keys to a developmentally sound mind.  My training and education has been influenced by the exploration of limiting beliefs and difficult emotional topics such as: vulnerability, depression, betrayal, insecurity, loss, grief, trauma, doubt, distorted sense of self, guilt, shame, addiction, phobias, neurosis, and irrational fears. From my experience tangible self-love, safety, and security are the foundational pillars that make inner peace possible.