Through our work together you will find the acceptance necessary to disarm old toxic patterns, establish healthy lasting relationships, stop relying on coping mechanisms, and activate your system to heal. My role is to keep the torch lit along the way to embracing yourself completely.


Our mission is to co-construct frames around what’s happening now. By exploring limitations, and expanding thresholds we deepen the loving relationship within ourselves. By letting go of all that isn’t serving, we open space for new narratives, new expressions of love, and new possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. By establishing true self-trust we make a better, brighter and more beautiful inner world and outward view.

the work

Watering a tree is maintenance. If we want to design a reality that is more aligned with our ideals, we must demolish the cemented paths to any present burden of the past. This unblocking of  old patterns and dismantling of the self-saboteur is like pulling stubborn weeds from a garden. It's been said that all living organisms could experience anxiety when aware of a threat. For example grass lets off a chemical when its being cut, a warning.  Imagine weeds were inner critics,  toxic relationships, bad habits, etc. These weeds are stubborn to be pulled, and must be taken out from the root. When we give ourself permission to fully accept and understand our capacities and ideals, our tree blossoms into an orchard.  


I took the advice, "Do what scares you most, first."
As long as you know better what you don't want, that is what you will continue to receive. Thoughts are patterns that repeat. You have to know what you do want, and if it doesn't exist yet, then you get to design it! Create new thoughts, build new patterns. I’m here as a soundboard, a mirror, a sister, and a place where you can safely express your feelings without shame or remorse. My intention is to help serve in the expansion and growth of all people.  My  practice is influenced by the exploration of limiting beliefs and difficult emotional topics such as: vulnerability, insecurity, grief, shame, intimacy, and irrational fears. From my experience tangible self-love, safety, and security are the foundational pillars that make inner peace possible.